Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Incheon Intl. Airport

Made it to the airport!  And I already have a story for you ...

Okay, so we know I have luggage issues but they have never been this great.  I go to the counter and one of my bags was overweight ($50 fee) and the other one was so overweight it's illegal, sorry!  Hee.  Well, my new best friend at the check in counter suggested I pay to add a 3rd piece of luggage, at the price of 135,000 won (about $110 or something).  Alright, well I'm not throwing away 20kg of my stuff so I guess I'll do that.  But I don't have a 3rd piece of luggage.  Problem.  He directs me to where I can buy another bag and I load up the bags again in search.  I don't know if I found where he told me to go, but I did find an airport service desk that sold boxes.  So I buy a box and start unpacking (why did I pack all my bras and undies on top?).  Judging by how many people were repacking around me, I have a hunch they recently lowered the weight allowance-- although, I don't think I would have passed in any universe.  I load everything up again and head back to the counter.  He checks it all and I pass! Woot!  Now, as if they give out prizes for abiding by luggage laws, he checks me in and da da daa-- there's a free spot in PRESTIGE CLASS.   I'm happy.  

Aaannndddd when I came here the first time around I had to pay $100 anyway (mom had to pay, thnkx mom) because of overweight luggage and I didn't even get a box!  Or more leg room.

UPDATE: It. gets. better.  I'm about to hard core brag, you're warned.  So I left with tons of extra time and so even after the luggage extravaganza, I still had time to kill.  I walked around a bit, tested perfumes, checked out duty free shops, and then went back to sit down by the gate.  I still had about 2 hours until boarding, when my gate starts boarding a flight to Fiji!  So ... I'm in Fiji!  Ha, just kidding.  But at that moment, something clicked that Prestige not only gets to board first, but they have a uber cool, members only, life styles of the rich and famous, lounge.  I set off in search of this secret club and found it pretty easily.  The attendant scans my boarding pass, beep beep, and I'm in!  I have no idea what to expect, believe it or not I don't get to travel first class when jet-setting.  I should also say I'm starving because I had the pre-travel jitters and couldn't eat today.  I walk in and it's a full service restaurant and bar.  Included for Prestige members, such as myself.  I am the completely unclassy kid in a candy shop who cannot decide between wine, cappuccino, or cognac and am now eating forchetta and cheese with a glass of wine and looking at a stellar view of planes coming in against the sunset.  Life is good, darlings.

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Anonymous said...


Where did you purchase the box for your luggage at in Incheon airport? Do you remember the approximate cost?

If you could let me know that would be much appreciated. Thanks!